Sunday, April 26, 2009

begin by now ...

hey, folks I dedicate this log to my hobbies and materials which I think about them all the times in a day .
I talk about security whether network security or Software security sometimes throught reverse engineering, also I consider that you interested in malware analying, as you know the growth of malwares and internet bots and worm are very effective in nowadays world .
'cuze of importance of security and as I like it this blog is up now and wants be update everyday if there's a good thing to write and show up .
and for introduction I'm an iranian whom interested in software development and security (whethre network or software) , and I like to be update my information and also interested in Low level programming ( system / device ) for windows ...
I'll be happy to see your comments about my posts out there and also if you have a Question feel free to contact with my mail (Genius_s3c_firewall[.at.]yahoo(?dot!)com)
you can call me Genius ,


- Genius