Friday, August 21, 2009

Conficker Eye Chart

if you are interested in malware analysis it may be great for see and read this interesting post, if you remembered the old Storm worm and nowdays "Conficker" worms are known as the dangerous worms in all the times, unhappily the Conficker worm block the access to almost 100 websites dedicated to security and threat analysis and also official antivirus websites.
a malware analyser named "Joe Stewart" is here and now you can see his interesting tool which can recognize if a system infected to conficker worm or not .
it has been done just by simply visiting a web page that is placed here .
this tool is named "Conficker Eye Chart" . when you visit this web page you saw some images , in the header if you saw this image then possibly you may not infected with conficker .

if you saw the following image possibly you may be infected with the conficker C variant or greater .

if you saw the following image then possibly you may be infected with B variant :

if you saw something like that then must turn on image loading in your own Internet Browser .

let's check it out and put your comment here .