Tuesday, June 30, 2009

C# Network Programming

I've been back to normal life without any university, this is a good book, download and enjoy.
here's the link location ...
feedback !?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

busy with universitie's Examinations

I must say excuse me cuze i'm busy with my universitie's Examinations .
I'll be back after my exams, I promise ...

have a nice day,

- Genius

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gns Lookup, a tool for Looking up a specific Name Server

Gns Lookup is stands for genius name server lookup, a tool for doing a zone transfer from your dns server,you may know many tools for this kind of action, but it's developed under .Net Framework and it's really fast and also just 10 KBs (!).
for getting respond, first when you want acting a Name Server Transfer, you will enter your domain name and then click Resolve button, i'll promise you will get your respond less than 4 seconds ;)

#developed under C#.Net 2008#

I developed it for Free and you can use it without givving any payment.
hope you like it.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Conficker worm binary !

hey, all of them surely heard about the robust worm named Conficker, here's an example of this worm, you can download it and run it under an Isolated environment and start analysing this.
if you have any good report and result on analysing feel free to submit by comment and I will post it with your copyright ;)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

when you got infected with a robust malware !

when you got infected with a robust malware which use ring0 kernel drivers something like that may be happned,

well done, I've been killed this shit and hunt it's device section :)
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Develop your Drivers under Visual Studio !

sounds like new things in driver development hom ?!
yes, that's it, you read right, once again a new change in the driver development world .

before, when you want develop a driver under your windows NT based box, you have many problems like Compiling, preparing for MAKEFILE and also SOURCES files, after all you must go to DDK checked/Free envirenment and enter in the your driver's project directory then issue the "Build" command and may see lots of errors some of them related to syntax, something related to directory naming and such things like that and it may be confuse you for times.
you may know, there was no specific IDE (integrated Development Environment) for developing windows drivers and every time and many times you launch notepad and start to writing your own driver, but now things changed, now there's a new IDE dedicated to Driver development under DDK architecture, you can use it for many driver development purposes . ok let's explore some of it's features,
first you can Download it free with source code include (an open source project) from here, it's very tiny and if you one of guys or even girls that have no access to DSL connection you can download it easily.

after downloading it, you must have Visual Studio 2008/2005 not old Visual Studio 6.0, when you launch the setup you will see some options that need to configure them out .
when you install and configure it out correctly you can launch your visual studio and then select your driver project which added to projects section,

then you can specify a name for your project

we suppose the driver's project name is HelloWorld . then we start to create the project,

you can see what's the easy means ! it was generate all the source code for a hello world application automatically, the source file can appear such thing.
if you remind, in DDK console complilation when we want to compile the source code we must do 2 thing, first write the MAKEFILE which points to MAKEFILE.def in the DDK directory, and then add a SOURCES file which include our source's files .
after this two long work, we must simply issue the BUILD command from checked/free environment .
now these steps just need two key Ctrl+F5 keys, when you press them, if your application has no error then you see a Dialog Box which say it's not possible to execute your .Sys file and it's right !
it's a good news which tell you, your driver was made !
after this simply step you'll follow the driver's path, give it to Huglond's InstDrv and then you can see the driver's output with DebugView ( a kernel level Debug Viewer ) .

if you are a driver developer you can understand how much this work is worthy .
thanks to it's developer basiz :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

good or bad idea ?!

hey, after almost long time, once again ...
I've been so busy with my Universities's Exams, works and my personal researchs in the area of security .
I'm apologizing ...
the last week, I've 9 student's for network materials, all of them were girls of computer's major ...
they want to learn some basic networking for their network exam on university .
and the importance part was about subnnetting and supernetting, a material of CCNA Certified .
unluckily, 'cuze of difficulty of this subject, I've some problem with this material which I think I can solve it as soon as possible.
the class was about 3 hours .
after that, now I'm working and studing Object Oriented Data Structures in C++ for my tommorrow's Exam .
in this term we had the subject of Data Structures using classes and objects for Implementing them, Now I'm studing how to delete a node from a linked list with OOP aspect which I think this is very easiest than implementing it using structures (I mean data types).
ohhhhhh, a good news ..., I've been in a Conference with the subject of information security, I've present it with good materials about network security and it's related materials.
I've teached Firewalls, how firewall systems work, how to design them, the rule of a standard firewall and other materials about firewalling which include in Implementing windows based and Unix based firewalls .
after that, I've present Attack vectors, Vectors for attacking systems, include social engineering, the art of deception, how to poisoning a switched network and intercept it's traffic, how to exploit windows and linux systems and others ...
be patience for uploading it's PPT, and then you can see and download and read it, it's in persian ! :)
and the final words are, I want to write a great paper for Data Structures, using oop aspect . it's a great idea, hom !?
I'll trying to make it understandable and pretty with Adobe Flash with Full of codes.
any feedback !?
if you want to become my partner in this project, let me know .