Friday, June 5, 2009

good or bad idea ?!

hey, after almost long time, once again ...
I've been so busy with my Universities's Exams, works and my personal researchs in the area of security .
I'm apologizing ...
the last week, I've 9 student's for network materials, all of them were girls of computer's major ...
they want to learn some basic networking for their network exam on university .
and the importance part was about subnnetting and supernetting, a material of CCNA Certified .
unluckily, 'cuze of difficulty of this subject, I've some problem with this material which I think I can solve it as soon as possible.
the class was about 3 hours .
after that, now I'm working and studing Object Oriented Data Structures in C++ for my tommorrow's Exam .
in this term we had the subject of Data Structures using classes and objects for Implementing them, Now I'm studing how to delete a node from a linked list with OOP aspect which I think this is very easiest than implementing it using structures (I mean data types).
ohhhhhh, a good news ..., I've been in a Conference with the subject of information security, I've present it with good materials about network security and it's related materials.
I've teached Firewalls, how firewall systems work, how to design them, the rule of a standard firewall and other materials about firewalling which include in Implementing windows based and Unix based firewalls .
after that, I've present Attack vectors, Vectors for attacking systems, include social engineering, the art of deception, how to poisoning a switched network and intercept it's traffic, how to exploit windows and linux systems and others ...
be patience for uploading it's PPT, and then you can see and download and read it, it's in persian ! :)
and the final words are, I want to write a great paper for Data Structures, using oop aspect . it's a great idea, hom !?
I'll trying to make it understandable and pretty with Adobe Flash with Full of codes.
any feedback !?
if you want to become my partner in this project, let me know .

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