Saturday, May 16, 2009

winner !

hey, after a log time challenge I have good news .
I think before I mentined that I have a Programming challenge through some states around our city, the materials were about C++ Data Structures and DataBase Programming with C#, also not whole materials were about Programming, we had a part that was dedicated to networking and even it was the hardest and critical part of our challenge .
fortunately I must annouce that I could locate in the highest score mearning in the first place from about 13 others ...
the exams were so hard and the first exam was Data Structures .
this exam had about 4 hours long and the exam was almost hard but Me and my friend could write it .
after a long time coding data structures in C++ we have a break for about 1 hour .
after it, the next exam was DataBase Programming and Analysing using C# ...
it was the great part and me and my friend started to Code and Analyz the program .
after about 3 hours we wrote the program and completed the mission, it was the greatest part and we knew, we got to a good score and we got the point 97/100 !
after that, the last exam was about netwroking stuff, it was almost hard .
we should calculate the IP addresses for both our client and server, and lastly we must compute the subnet mask of our network .
the next section we must complete that was about cabling , a non standard cable we sould made that no one ever seen ..., this section was bad and we got no chance !
for that section we decided to make one standard cross over cable and of our bad chance we could arrive to 15 score of whole 30 score (15/30 || 1/2) .
the next section was the interesting part , there was to machine, one of them had Windows Server 2003 enterprise edition that should inact as the server and should had active directory installed as our domain controller also, an IIS must be install for intracting as web server and the domain must had the name ...
after about 2 hours patience I could complete this mission and can surf the web by our client to the address on our server machine .
after that all, leaders decided to calculate our scores and announce them all .
Me and my friend (Mohsen) got the first place with 230 score of whole 300 scores !
this was a great challenge between guys and girls whom interested in both Programming and Networking stuff, and now Me and mohsen are waiting for challenges in the country level .
it was a good news which I think is good for annoucing in this place.

- Genius

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