Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reverse me #1

Hey there, here's I've been written a simple / simple / simple program, you must reverse it, it will show you a simple message box and say : Win32 Assembly is great !.
It has just one button , "Ok", you must reverse this program and patch it for showing another button "cancel" after the patch process you must upload the patched file here, and the file must have two button, first "Ok" and other "cancel" .
here's the link :
this is a simple reverse me for newbies, not pros ! so leave the newbies alone !
thnx .


  1. Have fun ;-)

  2. @ Amir Hossein :
    yes, that's it, you've been done it .
    but for your private comment, it's strictly obvious that you / me / someone others were newbies, and now we must be creative in this field. by some decissions, I have been achieved to some good way in this area .
    anyway, the things that you are mentioned are great and true .

  3. also, I can't be understand the term "pretentious" that you said, in all of my blogs, can you find something like the shit term "pretentious" !? :)
    I'm on my own way, and if I see a good thing that can be blogged then I blog it .
    but In my experience : anyone who say to others "you're somewhat pretentious" him/her self is full of pretense ;)

  4. @ Amir Hossein :
    hehe ! let's say you didn't get my goal of my obvious sentence .
    Ok, if you're a newbie one then you must reverse a software, you know some professionals , ok ?
    and you will go around one of them and Say , hey expert guys, I should reverse a software and I'm noob, please help me ! then do you know what's happenning ?
    the expert guy will say you, Ok dude, it's no problem, I will guide you , let's give me the software, s/he lean you how to reverse the software / make patch / gettting dump / fixing IAT and so forth Ok ?
    then what's the meaning of creativity ?
    then what's the meaning of self-learning ?
    now I think you got my intent, when you help newbies, then they're will happy to reverse the software or anything else, suppose a Time, a newbie say you, Hey, I must write a program (simple one) that is talking to ring0 (kernel mode) , could you please help me !? this is a two way that you can choose, first you tell him/her Ok dude, it's no problem, let's talking into ring0, without any conceptual matter the noob guy will talk to ring0 (!), another way that you can choose it : hey, dude . you must first understand the OS concepts, there are very basic and fundamental concepts you must to know, there's a huge thing you must considers as prerequistes, did you read and understand them !? if not, then please first pass the prerequiste ! then refer to me .
    the noob guy have some choose, there's no important matter, sh/e is a waster, and didn't follow the things that you're mentioned beforely, another noob guy is smart and understand what you said, sh/e will googled OS concepts / fundamentals, he will blind himself for an important goal of himself, learn basic/fundamental os concepts, learn manything as prerequisite and after some times, you will see him, he will say you, hey pro guy, I've been passed the things you're mentioned, I passed all the prerequiste, could you please give me some help ?
    and you "Should" yes !
    do you know what's the difference between these two noob guys in this scenario ?
    the difference is between their worth !
    the first noob guy had no goal and just waste your time, instead, the second smart noob guy, has worth and understand what you said !, you " must " guide him/her .
    it's my mean dear Amir-Hossein .
    Good Luck .

  5. @ Amir-Hossein :
    I'm strictly sorry for you :) .
    when I've been coded this reverse me, do you think is it very hard to change a 1 to 2 or three for changing the situation of buttons ?:)
    it's very good to know, I still didn't download your file :) .
    I'm repeating my words once again, I'm in my own way, I'm strudying for myself, not for you or anyone else and this is not important to me what you think, what you do and what you say, about me .
    when you think in this level then I could not find any work except "Sorry" actually for you :).
    " Time reveals everything " !, this is a great sentense from one of my best friends, just run up your thinking level.
    jut ruth, follow this :
    if you want to tell me you're a newbie, then it's not important , say it as your own with numerous counts .
    I think your website is better than for yourself like peoples like yourself instead of me :)
    be join with your website ... ;)
    just pitty ...